Nothing is ever as it seems.  This applies to situations, people we meet or stories that are told.  We think when looking in the mirror that we are seeing an accurate reflection of reality but nothing can be further from the truth.  My work stems from a fascination with mirrors and reflective surfaces.  What we see on looking at a reflection can be surprising, ambiguous and often unexpected.  Through the play of light and shade, new worlds can be exposed.  I started the work by taking a number of photographs of mirrors and reflections.   I was intrigued by some of the resulting images including those of a worn and weathered mirror, which had been partially hidden in a corner of the garden.    Other inspiration came from photos taken through windows from outside looking in and the distorted reflections in a doorknob.   These led to a series of paintings using mixed media in layers of colour on canvas and gesso panels, which reveal the delicacy of decay and the merging of interior and exterior worlds.