“We are shaped and fashioned by what we love”

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Studio 106 Art Gallery is delighted to invite you to the Creative Textile & Fashion Design Exhibition where professionals and amateurs artists will exhibit the artworks created during our Winter 2010 workshops and share their experiences of these with you.

Lead by two passionate and experienced Art Teachers, Sheila Louis and Zeena Shah, the Creative Textile Fashion Design Exhibition showcases textile-based designing artworks in the context of cultural diversity whilst investigating creative processes.

Our workshops place a strong emphasis on practices that help to unfold and nurture ideas and feelings through art experimentation, reaching a point where confidence allows artists to feel free and creative. Hence, the exhibited works reflect the participants’ aspirations, filling the gallery’s spaces with their creations that will make you feel “at home”.

The aspiring artists created design samples from scratch, based on their inspirations and backgrounds. This show brings a domestic feeling into the gallery; you will find decorated lamps, cushions, design samples, clothes and more.

A surprise event, led by our youngest students, will also take place on the Private View.

Studio 106 Art Gallery has a passion to provide an encouraging environment. Our extensive educational programme offers unprecedented opportunities for the students. Through the ongoing support and tutelage of the gallery staff, the participants have benefited from an enviable platform for their artistic talents. Our vision to lead a local creative hub is coming true by being an investor in local talent, allowing people from different backgrounds and experiences to showcase their skills in our intimate and engaging gallery atmosphere.

Exhibiting Artists: Alexandra ‘Ally’ Poole (student), Amber Davies (student), Cara Thomas (student), Katherine Burgess, Nicola Knight (student), Sheila Louis (Art Teacher), Suki Ramzan (student), Zeena Shah (Art Teacher).

Art Tutors:

Sheila Louis: A tutor teaching Textile Design in the adult learning sector who also reaches and stimulates children’s awareness in textiles as an Associate Artist for an Educational Trust. Passionate with pattern, her work is continually evolving in coordination with her personal knowledge, collaborations and experiences.

Zeena Shah: Graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design, she has worked in both fashion and a textile designing and she runs workshops for the public promising to inspire you to get stitching. In 2009, she launched her own collection of handmade and hand screen printed products for the home interior in 2009. More info at www.zeenashah.com