Gallery 106 is delighted to announce a solo exhibition of Caroline Cary, an artist recently presented with Merit Award for international contributions to Art and Culture.
After a successful exhibition in Venice, organised by Gallery 106 in collaboration with Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, it is a pleasure to announce the second part of the exhibition CLOSE UP: Towards Midnight II will be opened to the UK public.  
Caroline Cary will be present at the opening night on 20th April, to answer all the question regarding her artwork included in this exhibition as well as the first part of it, shown recently in Venice.

CLOSE UP: Towards Midnight I, II hints at the conflict between the hope of a dawning day and the darkness of night

This exhibition celebrates the fusion of the traditional and the contemporary. The artist’s work is abstractly expressed through paintings on canvas and Perspex. In addition to this, Cary, for the first time in Gallery 106, is exhibiting light boxes applied with bright colours that complement their ever-changing mood, conveyed through the light that permeates the painted Perspex.
A video of the installation, filmed in Venice, will also be a part of this exhibition. This installation is one of many, that were made collaboratively with Jim Webb, whose expertise in the use of modern technology and laser lights is skillfully utilised.
CLOSE UP: Towards Midnight I, II hints at the conflict between the hope of a dawning day and the darkness of night and the impossibility of being  unaware of the suffering of the world we live in. This, as Cary expresses “emerges regardless, from the subconscious, in the form of pictures expressing a certain conflict between the joy of life and the shadow of pain”. A good example of this is the picture “After Paris”; Cary painted just after the attacks on Paris in November 2015.

Cary's Artists profile can be visited here.

Videos including Cary can be seen here