Angelika Spranger presents her series of photographs mainly from her opus titled “DNA”. Her focus on water can be understood as a metaphor for the creation, the essence and fragility of life captured in a moment of time. She reminds us of the need for appreciation towards nature’s unbroken generosity.

Spranger studied Art for Public Space in London, where she gained her BA (Hons) degree. She specialised in Photography. Her preferred subject matter is nature with a particular passion for water. She takes its patterns and shapes in its true colours without manipulation. Other art practices include printmaking, stained and leaded glass.

Spranger shows her work at galleries and art fairs in London, and biannually exhibits at Wimbledon Art Studios’ Open Studios Art show. Her work features in private collections in Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore as well as in the UK. Angelika’s work is available as limited edition prints in different sizes and finishes, from Lambda and Giclee prints to prints on aluminium, for both indoor and outdoor spaces as well as custom design installations.

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