Rose Long has contributed to this exhibition with four paintings that are most representative of her colour, style and technique that she currently uses in her art practise. From precise line to complete abstraction, impassioned with colours from nature, with a great sensitivity she creates a feeling of order in landscape while she stays true to her authentic style. She instinctively creates the space between the defined and the non-figurative allowing the viewer to create their own experiences within. Long examines colour and tone together with the texture, form, edge, shadow and layering of paint on canvas to emphasize the convening of paint, air, form and canvas.

Rose Long is an artist and architect. She paints in oils and acrylic. Brought up in South Africa, she lives in London since the mid 1980's.  She has practiced as an architect since the early 1980's and continues to do so, while concentrating increasingly on painting. She has discovered a passion for painting in oils as it allows a freedom of expression she has not yet found in another medium. She exhibits widely.

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